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Windermere Pop Star Retreat

Eleuthera, Windermere Island, BS

Designed as a renovation and makeover of an existing 80's beachfront residence purchased by pop legend Mariah Carey.

Sea Lilly is located on Windermere Island, and sits on an expansive sand dune twenty feet above the powder fine pink sandy beach below.


All main areas face spectacular Atlantic Ocean views. Utility spaces are excavated into the dune inside a

walk out basement. A 50k gallon rainwater cistern is located below the basement floor


A MIDI/DAW professional recording studio is also incorporated into the basement design. 

"Our Mission is to deliever exceptional design ideas and solutions for our clients through the creative blending of human need, environmental stewardship, value creation, science and art."


Chambers Group




Named Sea Lily after the wild lilies found in abundance 

on the sandy dunes of Windemere Island.

The house faces the Atlantic Ocean to the east,as do most of its neighbors along the elevated spine of the sand bar.

This exclusive private enclave  is only accessible via a low bridge

elevated over the mangrove filled tidal creek.


Living Spaces Bedrooms Pool Spaces Xeriscaping Sun Terraces Garden Terraces Guest Cottage Bedroom


6,500 s.q. ft.


LEED Silver, Targeted


Architecture Interior Design | Landscape Design Bedrooms Living&Dining | Pool | Terraces | Rain Water Cisterns


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