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A New Plan For Downtown Nassau TAS...EJW

New Providence, BS

Cities are never finished. They are in an ongoing state of evolution and change and Nassau is no different.


We consider it our mission to bring fresh eyes to issues facing development, circulation, and public open space to help Nassau find and act on opportunities for positive change that may have otherwise been overlooked or taken for granted over time.


We hope that some of these ideas will fuel future discussions and an evolution of Nassau that continues to strengthen ties to its history while raising excitement for future possibilities.


This proposal for positive change in Nassau on East Hill Street is the first draft of a design that would take months of on the ground observation, testing, face to face engagement, and negotiation between stakeholders.

"Our Mission is to deliever exceptional design ideas and solutions for our clients through the creative blending of human need, environmental stewardship, value creation, science and art."


The Central Bank and the Government of The Bahamas


65-75M dollars


Designed in collaboration with EARL JACKSON WORKSHOP a

New Jersey, USA planning firm, this expansive planning effort

represented TAS entry in the design competition for a new Central Bank of The Bahamas and and the urban area surrounding the 

location of the new building.


Improved Traffic Flow  Parks and Green Spaces  Opportunities for New Development  Improved Parking and Circulation


Several City Blocks


LEED Silver, Targeted


Architecture Interior Design | Landscape Architecture Urban Design & Planning | Consulting


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