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Central Bank of The Bahamas

New Providence, BS

Designed as TAS submission for the new Central Bank of The Bahamas Design Competition.

The design strives to project a new and bold modern architectural statement looking towards the future while still respecting the history of an institution entrusted with the monetary reserves and fiscal management of the country finances.


This option sites the building in the Royal Victoria Gardens, which has fallen into disrepair and will be restored to its former status

as a place of important historical interest    


The main building, which comprises 150,000 sq. ft. is oriented towards the magnificent harbor and ocean views and overlooks the gardens and downtown city center. 

With its many inventive structural and invironmental ideas, the

building becomes a live learning tool.


Fitted with state of the art operating systems it is targeted to achieve a LEED Platinum certification.

"Our Mission is to deliever exceptional design ideas and solutions for our clients through the creative blending of human need, environmental stewardship, value creation, science and art."


The Central Bank of The Bahamas




Designed as TAS submission for a new Central Bank of The Bahamas...


A bold new image for the Guardians of the country's monetary system...And a cool place to work.


Offices Conference rooms Banking museum Art lobby Gazebo

Conference rooms Geothermal total energy system Executive parking


150,000 s.q. ft.


LEED Platimum, Targeted


Architecture Interior Design | Landscape Architecture Urban Design & Planning | Consulting


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